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New press installation has reached its highest point

After an intensive engineering and manufacturing phase, the construction of a brand new press installation has reached its highest point. We are proud to show this installation with all the latest developments and we are looking forward to produce the first bricks at our customer’s facility with this robust installation. Building together towards a productive future!

Investing in consistency and quality

De Boer Machines Nederland BV once more invests in consistency and quality. By means of a new robotized machining centre De Boer Machines Nederland BV is now able to further improve the way moulds and its moveable bottoms are  made. With this new robotized machining centre  the right margins between the different parts can be obtained in a very precise way. Ultimately  this will give our customers the opportunity to make bricks with a higher quality in a very consistent way. (Video)

Podcast: Working at De Boer Machines Nederland B.V.

De Boer Machines Netherlands B.V. contributed to a podcast to interest potential new employees in working at our company. This podcast was created in collaboration with the company Werkenbij (recruitment). You can listen to the podcast via the links below (Dutch): Linkedin; Spotify

Introduction of mechanical engineering to students of a weekend school

De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. has contributed to the IMC Weekend School Nijmegen. On Sunday, March 12, students received a masterclass in mechanical engineering with us. The students became acquainted with various professions in mechanical engineering, mainly by doing and experiencing a lot themselves.

Redesigned dust extraction

We built two wet filter multi-cyclones to effectively dedust the entire brick production area. The total extraction capacity is no less than 200.000 m³ per hour. The cyclone has been redesigned using airflow simulations, resulting in an even more efficient air cleaning and extraction capacity. The wet scrubbers are equipped with large exhaust sound absorbers. The dust sources are tackled by innovative extraction technology and a balanced pipe network in combination with a fresh air supply for optimum air flows in the workplaces. A new feature being developed is the self-cleaning spray water filter for the optimal working of the mist nozzles. Intensive engineering research is once again the key to a successful project. Many thanks to Vandersanden for their confidence in our company.

Good teamwork with Wienerberger

Good teamwork results in great achievements. In an intensive weekend we successful installed and commissioning a new pallet discharge system. Due to the complexity this is only possible by means of good planning, preparation and, above all, cooperation with our costumer. For the entire team of De Boer Machines, these are jobs where we go for and realize as agreed.

Christmas meeting 2022

On the 23rd of December, after two years of cancelling our Christmas meeting at the end of each year due to the pandemic, we finally held a Christmas meeting for all our employees. Complete with a traditional Dutch stew menu and some traditional Dutch drinks.

Farewell Dries van Hapert

After 19 years, of which 11.5 years as CEO of De Boer Machines Nederland B.V., we formally said goodbye to Dries van Hapert as CEO on September 2nd, 2022. Together with his family, employees and business relations, we looked back in a festive way on his career in the international brick industry. Dries was very well appreciated as a real leader during his time as CEO at De Boer Machines Nederland BV, mostly because of his in-depth knowledge of the soft mud industry and because of his people skills. We would like to thank Dries for all his efforts in leading our company and we wish him the very best for the future.

Ceramitec 2022 München

From the 21th to the 24th of June 2022 De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. was present at the Ceramitec tradeshow in München, partnering up with Stafier Holland B.V. to present our products and solutions to all interested visitors at our shared booth. We are proud to have welcomed many visitors and had many interesting conversations and discussions regarding their needs. We hope that our visitors are inspired by the broad selection of our products and solutions, and looking forward to an follow-up conversation with them.  

Retiree Reception

After a few years of delaying due to the pandemic we finally were able to celebrate the (near) retirement of eight of our valued employees. With the presence of many former employees and retiree the celebration turned in to an reunion that not will be forgotten soon. We would like to thank all the employees that where already retired and the employees that are going to be retired soon for all their passion and dedication in the creation of the finest machinery for our customers.

Open day at our Company

On the 18e of June De Boer Machines has organized an Open Day to show the abilities of the company to employees, families of employees, friends, customers, students and suppliers. Although the temperatures during the day went well over 30 degrees Celsius we had a very successful day with 325 visitors. We received a lot of positive remarks about everything we had shown. From our new company movie until the recently sold Brick press that is almost ready for shipment to a customer in the United Kingdom, or the live demonstrations of machinery about how to make certain parts, everything was received very well and with great enthusiasm. We feel that De Boer Machines once more has shown its potential to the outside world and we are quite proud to be part of this great company.

Various kiln car cleaners build for brick factories in the US

This spring, our company commissioned a large kiln car cleaner at Glen-Gery in Iowa USA. This involved a machine that cleans the refractory material on kiln cars running over two adjacent tracks and then lifts the refractory blocks to also clean below them. Subsequently, the refractory blocks are placed back neatly aligned, so that the “green” brick packs to be fired always find a clean and level kiln car deck to be set upon. A next machine is now ready to be shipped to General Shale in Georgia, USA. Another machine will be shipped to Triangle Brick in Texas later this year.

Presence at Ceramitec 2022 München

De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. will be present at Ceramitec 2022 in München once again. The Ceramitec 2022 will be the first opportunity after the pandemic for our customers to meet and learn about new developments in the Ceramic Industry. Partnering up with Stafier Holland B.V., we will be proud to present our products and explain the added value we can deliver to our customer’s processes. We would like to invite you to come and visit us at our stand (Hall C3.314) in the week of June 21th to 24th. We hope and trust our products and solutions will be a source of inspiration for all the visitors of our booth.

New press installation successfully installed

A new press for the production of hand moulded facing bricks is completely installed in Denmark after a successful FAT in the Netherlands. The press consists of a circuit with loose moulds, which are filled by means of a Hubert clay clod dosing unit. This makes the machine very flexible in changeover times and product changes. The project was built during top of the corona crisis and almost all communication between the customer and De Boer Machines took place through remote meetings. After the cabling has been completed onsite, the machine will start up for the delivery of premium hand moulded facing bricks, which in turn will create buildings for eternity. We thank Randers Tegl for the excellent cooperation, which is professional and very pleasant.  

New soft mud brick press project

We recently received a significant order to supply a complete new press installation for the production of hand moulded facing bricks. Delivery and commissioning is planned in 2023. The project comprises a De Boer mould chain press with a Hubert clay clod filling unit, automated mould box exchange system,  flexible sand supply, clay preparation, complete dryer board handling, dry brick handling, process water treatment and dust extraction. This soft mud brick press is equipped with De Boer’s famous mould chain with positive demoulding. Both hand moulded and waterstruck products can be produced. The Hubert clay clod filling unit is positioned above the mould boxes by means of a highly flexible index system, enabling multiple brick size changes. Another new development is an automated changeover of mould chains by means of a flexible transfer exchange frame and storage. This ensures a flexible, fast and above all safe changeover of mould chains in the system. We thank our well respected customer Vandersanden Beek for the trust in De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. for this great assignment.  

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