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New press installation successfully installed

A new press for the production of hand moulded facing bricks is completely installed in Denmark after a successful FAT in the Netherlands. The press consists of a circuit with loose moulds, which are filled by means of a Hubert clay clod dosing unit. This makes the machine very flexible in changeover times and product changes. The project was built during top of the corona crisis and almost all communication between the customer and De Boer Machines took place through remote meetings. After the cabling has been completed onsite, the machine will start up for the delivery of premium hand moulded facing bricks, which in turn will create buildings for eternity. We thank Randers Tegl for the excellent cooperation, which is professional and very pleasant.  

New soft mud brick press project

We recently received a significant order to supply a complete new press installation for the production of hand moulded facing bricks. Delivery and commissioning is planned in 2023. The project comprises a De Boer mould chain press with a Hubert clay clod filling unit, automated mould box exchange system,  flexible sand supply, clay preparation, complete dryer board handling, dry brick handling, process water treatment and dust extraction. This soft mud brick press is equipped with De Boer’s famous mould chain with positive demoulding. Both hand moulded and waterstruck products can be produced. The Hubert clay clod filling unit is positioned above the mould boxes by means of a highly flexible index system, enabling multiple brick size changes. Another new development is an automated changeover of mould chains by means of a flexible transfer exchange frame and storage. This ensures a flexible, fast and above all save changeover of mould chains in the system. We thank our well respected customer Vandersanden Beek for the trust in De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. for this great assignment.  

Proudly we present our new website!

After a lot of work we are proud to present to you our new website. The goal of our new website is to inform our visitors about our activities and solutions quickly and easily. On our new website we present to you our four main working fields; each with a summary of the solutions we can provide. We've tried to make the process of contacting us easy and pleasant. You may contact us through the website or e-mail. But we are also looking forward to speak to you by phone or in person about the challenges you are facing.  

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